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Patan Multi Services being the no: 1 laptop chip level service center in nepal and also computer repair shop is dedicated to serve you and be a companion in solving all your laptop issues. Universal Laptop service center nepal and computer repair shop have the best and experienced technicians to solve all the problems related to laptop. Servicing our clients with our best efforts and security is our priority. Our laptop service center in Lalitpur and our computer repair shop have an overall solution for your damaged laptop. We care and prove it with the service we do. For all laptop related services laptop service Lalitpur will be there with you. The services mainly offered by us include laptop repair, mobile phone repair, iphone repair, macbook repair, ipad repair, cctv installation and repair, computer repair shop. Since its inception in 2000, Patan Multi Services nepalr is a customer driven, customer focused servicing company in Lalitpur Nepal. We, Patan Multi Services Nepal is well equipped to service all the issues with your mobile phone, laptop, iphone, macbook, cctv, desktop. Whatever be the issue we are always here to help.

Laptop Repair Center in Lalitpur
Patan Multi Services laptop repair Lalitpur is one of the most successful laptop service center in Lalitpur, Nepal. We have more than 20+ years of excellent servicing experience in this field. We have come a long way in these 20 years by providing high quality laptop repair services to individuals and business organizations. Patan Multi Services Laptop Repair Lalitpur focus on providing high quality laptop repair services such as trackpad replacement and service, laptop chip level servicing ,motherboard repair, battery replacement, ic reballing, cooling fan replacement, keyboard replacement, fabrication works, laptop hinge repair, display replacement, laptop os installation,bios programming,bios password reset,liquid damage repair,Laptop speaker repair,Laptop screen repair,Laptop power button not working, Battery not charging, Laptop power button not working, Laptop fan noise etc.

Established in the year of 2000, Patan Multi Services is a famous Desktop computer service provider in Lalitpur Nepal. We work as a team in understanding the need of the customers, keeping each other’s business interest intact so that we could deliver products at the right time and at the most competitive rates.

We believe in consistent and precision laptop repairs and that’s the same reason we could always deliver excellent customer service with 100% customer satisfaction. Our service is very much customer oriented and offering excellent customer service all the time. Moreover, all technicians are highly experienced and certified to carefully diagnose the problem of all the brands of laptops and serve its customers with professional quality and reasonable price. Our Patan Multi Services laptop service center has the latest tools and gadgets to make the task of laptop repairing as easy as possible. In case of emergency we provide rapid service. We, Patan Multi Services laptop repair Lalitpur claim transparency in the work from beginning to end. Furthermore, on time delivery, chip level servicing, highly qualified technicians and excellent customer care services are our specialties. We services all brands HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Dell including LG laptops.

Why Patan Multi Services for Computer/Laptop repairing Service in Lalitpur Nepal?

At Patan Multi Services, we ensure that we offer you the best and first-class repair service for all hardware and software problems with your computers and other hardware. Moreover, we believe in cost-effective and 24-hour support, so that nobody returns disappointed. We have our unique way of providing service, so you end up wasting your time and money on unnecessary things. Following on from this, we offer services such as pick-and-drop facility, on-site repair support, Computer repair and maintenance in nepal, and remote technical assistance. Now it depends entirely on the problem of your PC that which service is needed to solve the problem.
Why Choose Us For Effective Laptop Repair Services in Lalitpur?

The professionals at Patan Multi Services are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills required for getting rid of complex issues. Technical issues can magnify over time unless they are looked into immediately. Our professionals can diagnose the reasons why your technical device is malfunctioning and take effective steps. You will be able to get in touch with us at any hour of the day. Our experts work relentlessly to maximize utmost customer satisfaction. If you are still searching on the internet for ‘Laptop Repair Lalitpur‘,you can be assured to get reliable services if you choose us.
Looking for Computer Repair Services in Lalitpur?

Well, then we are here and we offer the best repair service for all hardware and software problems with all types of desktop and laptops. Patan Multi Services is not only focused on providing world-class repair service, but it also ensures that it does not take that much time and effort to repair it. That is why we focus on providing onsite support so that you do not have to go to our service centre every time you are confronted with a problem with your device. All you have to do is call us at our customer service number and tell us about your problem. Our first concern would then be to help him remotely for a quick and immediate solution.

In addition to the problems mentioned above, we can often help you with other Computer repairs and maintenance in Lalitpur. A computer can sometimes be a mysterious machine that does exactly the opposite of what you want. This can sometimes cause huge frustrations. We can solve these problems quickly and expertly in most cases. If you have any questions about our “computer laptop repairs” you can contact us without obligation.

Laptop repairing Service Centers? Get In Touch With Us For Affordable Laptop Repair In Lalitpur.

If you are unable to resolve the laptop problems on your own, you can get in touch with our experts at Patan Multi Services. You will be able to reach us via multiple modes of communication. In addition, you can also send us a quick email or chat with us via the live chat portal. We are certainly going to get back to you with further instructions and outstanding solutions to all your technical issues with laptops.

The internet has revolutionized the way we live and work in the modern world. A laptop is an extremely useful device that is smaller and lighter than the desktop computers. Laptops are capable of sufficing every need of the modern individual. You will be able to work, play games, surf the internet as well as watch the TV without any hassle. Moreover, it has increased our productivity to a great deal by saving our time and energy. However, like all things technical, laptops are not immune to technical failures from time to time. You can experience plenty of difficulties while using a laptop such as overheating, hard drive failure or a faulty keyboard.

We provide full and specific solutions for all the issues of your laptop repairing

Patan Multi Services Laptop repair kathmnadu began the journey of excellence in 2000 with a consistent track record has now grown up to be one of the leading laptop service centre in Lalitpur nepal. Our fully equipped laptop store has almost all laptop accessories and peripherals available to customers at its best price which are all 100% genuine and with warranty. We provide quality repair to your laptops. We understand that quality is the first thing our customers will be expecting from us and keeping up to their expectation we always ensure the best quality and timely delivery. Our laptop technicians and staffs are committed in providing a full functioning laptop back to the customer with guaranteed privacy protection .We are bound to safeguard your personal data and details.

Our commitment to bring professionalism, good service & trust to the laptop repair service & maintenance business. We take immense pride in sending some of the most of professional technicians.If you want more information about our company,services and packages contact us during office time.

The Most Affordable and Reliable Repair Service Center In Lalitpur.

Patan Multi Services has many sides that it takes care of but our most important side that we focus and emphasize on is the Servicing. We want our customers to be happy and satisfied in our products and in us. So, it is our priority to provide all types of servicing to our customers. We provide servicing for Laptops, Desktops, Projectors, Printers, Monitors, UPS, Cameras, TVs and all the products that we sell. There are lots of ranges of servicing being provided by Patan Multi Services of the Categories. All our servicing employees are highly trained and experienced to detect any types of problems in your product and give you the accurate description to what the problem is and why it is happening Laptop & Notebook.

Computer/Laptop Repair Home Service

Our service center is able to fix all types of problems regarding your Laptop and Notebook. Our employees are highly trained and has lots of experience fixing laptops and notebooks. We provide hardware and software support for your required laptop or notebook. There are numerous types of hardware supports that we specialize on. We able to fix any kind of power disturbances or charging problems. We also look at the internal problems like unstable BIOS laptop or notebook hanging problem, slow or crashed windows and even install windows if required. We are also able to repair the broken lid of a laptop or notebook and replace one or both of the broken hinges with either metal or plastic hinges. If there is any type of display malfunction or the display is dead, then we provide new display ribbon or plex cable for your display. We also provide you with upgrading or replacing your laptop and notebook components like HDD, SSD, M2 Card, RAM, Keyboard, battery, display panel and motherboard. And finally, we service all your laptop or notebook component and issues like overheating, cooling fan problem, USB port problem and replacement, charging port servicing, headphone port changing, touch-pad problem speaker servicing and changing of your speakers, one or both of them. We also provide servicing for any kind of Apple Products. We are able to fix all kinds of O/S problems, any hardware issue or problems and are able to change or upgrade your Apple laptop and notebook.

Desktop Motherboard Repair:

Our trained service providers are trained to handle all types of Desktop computer problems and issues and are able to deliver the right solution for your product. We provide both hardware and software support for your Desktop computer. The hardware support that is delivered by use are installing or upgrading your Desktop computer components, fixing the generation problem with the components and assembling or replacing motherboard. We are able to perform any kind of network installation or configuration and check to detect if there is any error or issue with the network system. We also provide you with making or configuring server Desktop computer and assemble and configure any desired gaming laptop of your choice. The software services that we provide for your Desktop computer are installing all the required software and also software that you want, fixing and reinstalling any back dated antivirus place them with new one, repairing or reinstalling your operating system and conducting system protection testing. We also provide any type of network checking and provide the data recovery service. We also provide servicing for all types of brand Desktop computer.

Laptop Motherboard Repair.

The motherboard is the most critical piece of hardware in your laptop. Every major component like processor, RAM, hard drive etc is either connected or built into it. With passage of time and continuous use, every machine is bound to have some trouble. If the motherboard of your laptop is giving you some problems, it does not mean that now you have to buy a new computer. There is a common misconception that motherboard of a laptop cannot be repaired. Before you start thinking about which new brand of laptop or computer you have to buy, just contact Computer Repair Home and let our experts check your laptop’s motherboard.

Hard disk Repair.

Looking for a hard drive repair service in Lalitpur? Lost your files due to hardware failure and need a damaged hard disk repair service? Our specialist hard drive repair team can help with all types of HDD (Desktop & Laptop Harddisk) repair, including damaged external hard drive repair.

Maybe your harddisk drive is making strange noises. If you hear clicking or grinding going on with the drive, the drive is probably failing. Or even worse, maybe the hard disk drive has already crashed. Either way you should contact universal immediately. We are the go to company for hard drive repairs in Roseville.

Is the Printed Circuit Board Broken?

Technically, the external Printed Circuit Board is relatively easy to replace. However, we strongly advise against swapping out the PCB yourself. It’s not as simple as finding a matching model.Unless your hard drive is ancient, the PCB and hard disk will use a unique microcode to communicate. If you replace a PCB of a hard drive that requires this microcode to boot, you could permanently damage your data.

Problems we can solve with your hard drive:

Is your hard drive clicking or noisy? or not opening some files. Stop work right away to avoid further issues and we’ll be happy to replace your drive and ensure your files are safe. Upfront free diagnostics are provided to determine physically failing hard drives and repair.

The computer/operating system won’t boot
Applications that won’t run or load data
The operating system has been reinstalled or a different operating system has been installed
Files have been accidentally or maliciously deleted
Corrupted data
Hard disk component failure
Fire/water damage
Bad sectors have occurred on critical portions of the disk or FAT tables have been damaged or deleted
The disk has been dropped

Signs of faulty Hard Drive.

Files have been accidentally deleted, or files are corrupted.
Hard disk has failed due to power supply spike or head crash.
Operating system(os) has been reinstalled.
Different operating system has been installed.
Disk has been formatted, or disk overwritten with Ghost image.
Damaged or deleted partition/ or deleted MBR.
Bad sectors occur on critical portions of disk.
FAT tables are damaged or deleted.
Physically damaged in any way.

Better,Faster & Cheaper Computer/Laptop Repair Lalitpur

All of that, and from a laptop repair company that prides itself on repairing everything in-house. We don’t use outsourced repair staff, and we never send your laptop away to a different location. Instead, we employ a team of experts in all forms of laptop repair, from software and OS issues to hardware problems. Whether you’ve got a busted screen or a corrupted hard drive, our engineers will fix the issue either where you work or where we work. And you know what that means. No waiting around for suppliers. No repaired machines languishing in the back of a lorry that’s stuck in traffic at the other end of the country. If we have to take your laptop away for fixing, it’s still us fixing it.

Reliable Laptop Repair. No extra costs.

Worried you won’t get the same quality of laptop repair from us as you would from an approved, branded repair solution? We use the same spare parts as your laptop brand’s recommended provider. Our engineers are qualified and experienced: some with more than 20 years in the field. And we guaranteed all new parts for one year.

The only difference is that we don’t charge for the name, and we don’t have to raise our prices to cover the costs of outsourcing and nationwide transportation. In other words: we give you a service that’s just as reliable, which costs less, and which is always quicker. When you repair your laptop with us, you don’t pay for the extras. You just pay for the work.

Laptop Hardware Problem Solutions

Laptops are more prone to physical damage than desktop machines. Thrown into bags, banged around on the train, knocked off desks with the screen open—your portable computer is punished on a daily basis. And because all its elements tend to be incorporated into a single shell, it’s easy to think that the end of a keyboard or screen means the end of the unit.Our laptop repair services include a full suite of hardware solutions, from replacement keyboards and touch-pads to screen repairs and internal hardware replacements. Many hardware replacements are responses to known issues (like a broken keyboard,Disply,Hings…), which we complete for a fixed price.

Our engineers carry a wide range of replacement parts, suitable for solving most hardware problems on the spot. So don’t consign your laptop to the bin until you’ve sent it to us.The services that we offer are wide in range when it comes to resolving issues related to laptops. If you are looking for effective services for repairing laptops in Lalitpur, you can get in touch with us. Our experts can assist you in the following issues:

Replacing the laptop’s backlight
Cleaning the laptop from dust
Replacement of thermal pad of laptop
Cleaning the laptop after flooding
Replacing the laptop batterу
Replacing laptop screen
Repair and replace the video card in laptop
Repair of the cooling sуstem in Laptop
Replacing the hard drive in laptop
Repair laptop motherboard
Replacing laptop keуboard
Replacing laptop speakers
Replacing the memory of the laptop
Windows installation
Cleaning the laptop against viruses
Installing software in laptop
Upgrade your laptop
Recover laptop data
Re-flashing bios in laptop
Replacing laptop cooler
Replacing laptop Processor
Cleaning laptop keуboard
USB port replacement in laptop
Repair laptop power supplу
Laptop body repair
Replacement of webcam in laptop
Laptop Spare Parts Dubai

We Repair all Major Brands of Laptops:

Apple Macbook Repair
Samsung Laptop
Dell Laptop
HP Laptop
Toshiba Laptop
Lenovo Laptop
Asus Laptop
Acer Laptop
Sony Laptop
MSI Laptop Repair
Fujitsu Laptop Repair
And all other Laptop

Patan Multi Services is specialized in computer and laptop repair and related problems. Whether it is a slow computer or laptop, installing a (new) printer, or installing a modem or router: we are happy to help you with this. Below is an overview of the most common problems:

Windows (re) installation
Software installation
Back up data and Data recovery
Remove viruses and spyware
Installing a modem or router
Set up e-mail
Maintenance visits (APK)
Upgrade computer parts

Lifetime Warranty

We try to identify the cause of the problems and repair them accordingly. If the repair has been successfully completed, you will be offered a lifetime warranty.

Service With High-End Customer

You can always reach us via simple modes such as Call or e-mail service. Our services are affordable and reliable and are aimed at meeting the requirements. Whe you request a repair, you also have other benefits. All our free services are designed to serve the customers.

Professional Technicians

The technical engineers hired in our team have obtained their degrees and are certified. All members of the team are very experienced and work professionally.

Reliable Service

We are consistent in displaying the quality service and win the trust of the customer. As reliable service providers, we can serve millions of customers worldwide. We are very passionate about serving our customers fairly and achieving fruitful results. Each repaired part is only given to customers and they are also for the required services.

Fast service

We strive to provide fast and fast services without any hassle. Our team member appreciates your time and the urgent need to have the products repaired so that we serve accordingly.